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About the conference



Norway has the chairmanship in Nordic Council of Ministers. In addition, Norway has chairmanship in the Nordic Working Group for Circular Economy (NCE). 

The Nordic Council of Ministers and NCE are responsible for the conference together with the Danish consultancy house PlanMiljø and The Norwegian Institute for Sustainability Research, Norsus.

Circular Economy - A crucial topic

According to reports of the International Resource Panel a shift to a green circular economy is needed to achieve greater degree of resource efficiency, use waste as a resource to produce new goods and services and to see the links between climate change, biodiversity and resource use in order to follow-up on the Paris Agreement.


But how can such a shift be developed smoothly? How can the Nordic countries follow up on circular economy in relation to the Nordic Vision? What policy measures have been taken in other Nordic countries? And can the Nordic countries share experiences and learn from each other? These are some of the questions which will be debated at the conference on the 16th of June in Oslo.

A broad range of stakeholders

A wide range of different stakeholders have important roles to play in the circular transition and are therefore participating in the conference and joining in on the discussion on how to make circular economy happen in the Nordic region.

Central, regional and local governments play important roles in societal planning, constructure and infrastructure development as well as public procurement. Business and industry have a key role in developing strategies compatible with circular economy, see new opportunities and develop circular business models and value chains. Representatives from the authorities in the Nordic countries (national, regional and local level), relevant Nordic Working Groups (economy, climate, chemicals, ecosystems) experts and scientists, representatives of economic sectors, financial institutions and NGOs also play significant roles in strengthening and implementing the concept of circular economy in the Nordics.

We are looking forward to an exciting and fruitful debate with perspectives from the many different stakeholders 

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